Effective immediately, all working media members (print/radio/video/photography) must contact Cliff Gibson, Sports Information Director (SID), in order to request a media pass for each varsity event. \

The SID’s office will review all requests for credentials and approve a predetermined number for each event and send verification of approval to each member. Approved credentials can be picked up at the ticket gate.

Persons without credentials and not part of an approved group – band, cheer, Brigade, student trainers, Padres, etc. – will be removed from the playing field.

Credentials must be requested for EACH event. There is no “carry-over” during the season. If you do not contact the SIDs office, credentials will not be authorized for you.

All questions can be directed to Cliff Gibson at 214-324-3607 (ext. 4167) or cliff.gibson@bishoplynch.org.